Shipping and return


Unfortunately, at the moment, we have to suspend the support for returning items if you have ordered the wrong size, color, or if you have simply changed your mind. Conducting individual assessments for each item would incur significant costs and time. We understand the importance of the right to return purchased goods, especially in online shopping. As a result, we are actively developing a solution that will allow for returns in a fair manner, while preventing misuse and abuses. We appreciate your patience as we work towards providing a more comprehensive return experience

So please check your size. All of T-shirts have the same sizing:

Width, cm41.9045.7050.8055.9061.0066.00
Length, cm68.6071.1073.7076.2078.8081.30
Sleeve length, cm21.9022.6023.3024.0024.7025.40

Altohugh quality is our huge priority so if you receive a damaged product or notice a manufacturing error, we offer you free replacement or refund if you contact us within 30 days of product delivery.

To speed up the resolution of the issue, please ensure that you provide the necessary photo or video evidence when contacting us.

IssueRequired evidence
An issue with the quality of the print or embroideryA clear photo of the received product laid on a flat surface in which the design and the issue are clearly visible in a single frame.
An issue with the print placement (distance from collar, off-center, etc.)A clear photo of the received product laid on a flat surface where the incorrect placement is shown with a ruler/measuring tape.
Print in the wrong areaA clear photo of the product you received, folded in a way that clearly displays both sides.
Wrong productA photo of the product that was received, with the size tag clearly visible as well.
An issue with the product (incorrect size, brand, quality)A clear photo of the received product where the design, issue, and/or size tag are clearly visible in a single frame.
A product sizing issue (manufacturer’s defect)A clear photo of the received product being measured according to the measurements provided in the catalog’s size chart. Both the print and the measurement should be clearly visible and the garment should be laid on a flat surface.
An issue with an electronic device (manufacturer’s defect)A video or photo where the issue is clearly visible or shown, and demonstrate the troubleshooting steps being performed.
Delivery-related product damageA photo or video of the received product where the package and the issue are clearly visible.


Shipping prices can vary depending on your location. We have several warehouses all around the world. We entrust the shipping to a third-party business; unfortunately, I am the founder of this website and don’t have the capacity to ship it myself, though I would deliver it myself if I could. It would be fun to meet you, lovely customers, all personally. You can see your exact shipping amount once you put your item in the cart.

Here’s some general information about shipping in Europe, but please note that shipping costs may vary depending on your destination. It can be cheaper or more expensive if you live in the USA or North Korea, for example.

Shipping zones:

Zone 1

Most of the European countries.

Shipping: $3.89

Zone 2

Canada, United States (US), Australia

Sorry shipping is expensive here: $13

We are trying to solve this issue in the future.

Zone 3

Rest of the world.


You can confirm the shipping prices in the cart after providing your shipping address.